Tuesday, June 12, 2012


dress: BCBG    hat: vintage    shoes: Dolce Vita    necklace: lucky

Hello everybody!!!! 
This day I wore an amazing black BCBG sheer dress
 with a black slip underneath. The velvet purple shoes teamed up quite well
 with the turquoise hat. I had a TON of fun and many people
seemed to like my outfit this day.
( Its always fun to get compliments)
as nacho likes to say,
"lets get down to the nitty gritty".
I watched cocorosie and it was an unbelievable show. 
Theres no way it couldve been ANY better than what it was. It was a full house,
jam packed. Sissy Nobby opened up with a butt shaking performance. Never seen anyone shake
their butt like sissy nobby. Seriously.
Cocorosie opened up with god has a voice, and finished with Japan!!!! 
It was a party literally, Sierra got surprised with a birthday cake and started hopping around like a child
full of joy, danced around, it was sooo FUN FUN FUN!!! 
They played their new single "we are on fire" and it was beautiful!!
"I used to have eyes the color of skies, but now i can see in the middle of the night"
:-D :-D :-D