Tuesday, June 26, 2012

hike part 1...

( a candid by an experienced photographer. thanks bay)

This was one of the greatest adventures i've been on with my bf!
We took a hike up in the Forest and it was AMAZING!
(minus the blazing heat)
We went on the hike with a mission of finding a 50 foot waterfall....
Before we began the excursion, I needed to pee so we looked for a restroom and
OH MY....GOSH. i've never seen such monstrosity of a restroom EVER in my life.
(I left traumatized.)
But anywho, after that little nightmare we crossed a bridge which was beautiful!
there was a stream which curved all around the forest, we got somewhat lost
and I told Joe,
 " I hope this doesnt end up to be an episode on "I Shouldnt be Alive"."
HAHAHAHAHA . but seriously. We came across a dangerous  killer poisonous snake
which almost struck Joe on the leg. No not really. The snake was tiny and harmless, it just slithered off.
Thinking we were on the right track to see the falls, we werent and ended up going to what my bf said was
BETTER THAN switzers, and well it turned out to be a fairly decent water spot.
All in all this was a great adventure and although we didnt see switzers we did hike about 15 miles.
(or at least it felt like it.)
(ok ok. we hiked about 6 miles)
Thank God for iced water
hope youre all having a blessed week !