Wednesday, November 7, 2012


boots- H&M     dress- ASOS     khaki top- Zara Basics    Purse- "handmedown"     necklace- Ebay
vintage bracelet- Yard Sale

Last minute outfit, seriously! This dress is the richest forest green color
ive ever seen. The pictures really did it no justice. The top was my sisters, however she was
going to get rid of it as it is difficult to wear since its so sheer.
Teamed up with a dress its perfect!
I have to confess, I love wearing the high top bun, makes me feel middle eastern sometimes
and tribal if that makes any sense? My hair is getting LONG,
I plan on growing it out a little above my butt hahah!
Then after having the gratification of knowing that I accomplished the impossible
(growing my hair out LONG) I will chop it off, like Jade's
from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Names I seem to like at the moment:

If I ever adopt/rescue a dog I will have the easiest time choosing a name for him/her.
The breed Im most fond of is golden retriever or german shepard.