Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My New Discovery!

Im understanding why all the "amoeba" bumper stickers.
Im gonna have to check it out because cocorosie,
now these guys??!?!
What i want to know is,
what pile of quick sand absorbed me and refused to spit me out.
I've been living in the dinosaur ages.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Comme Des Garcons

"Comme Des Garcons"
The one brand I wish I could afford to wear.
I first fell in love with Rei Kawakubo when a friend showed me
the 2009 fall collection vid. I watched the runway show and that was it.
Inspiration. Admiration. Astonish-mation.
(astonishment, I just had to make it flow.)
I think what I appreciate the most about the Comme Des Garcons label is
Rei's unconventional approach to fashion, design, architecture and life.
She lives a modest life although she can seek to be praised by
the media, instead shes totally under the radar.
To my dismay, I missed the 2008 autumn collection at H&M.
That was probably my only chance at ever being able to afford
Comme Des Garcons clothing.
Well no, lets dream big.
Sky's not the limit quoted by my favorite professor EVER Mrs. Yoko Mimura.
Which might I add, I passed all my classes with straight A's!!!
no. no. im lying it was more like almost straight B's.
Hey but I PASSED!!! This is what matters!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Not normally into this kinda music but I wont lie,
this song is now in my playlist.