Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here I am again

shoes-sister envy     necklace-gift     jacket-gap     blk l.s.-old navy     green pants-TJ

"All circles presuppose they'll end where they begin
But only in their leaving can they ever come back around
All circles presuppose."

 MeWithoutYou has the best song lyrics I've ever encountered. They are simple,
 but complicated at the same time, very meaningful.
This song is so simple but you have to think about it to really understand what its saying. 

A circle can be seen without an ending, without a beginning. It's continuous.
This song indicates that the "circle" presupposes its end as its true purpose and its end is its beginning 
but in order to reach its beginning its must follow through to its end.
It somewhow relates to from dust we came and to dust we'll return. 

the idea of even before a circle begins its journey it knows its going to end where it currently is.
but it cant ever come back to where it is unless it embarks on its journey around the circle.
I feel like when we are born, we are born good, and when we die we try to do so being good as well.
(or some of us at least)

Whats the point of this post? Who knows. Whats the point of any post really.
oh yes FASHION.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kloud-9 New York based label


Pink Beanie-H&M     lace dress-H&M     stockings-B.J.     jacket-Target     blk jacket- friends
leopard shoes-F21

Im getting a hang of blog related things so I'm excited to say I've added a
only LOOKS link on the top bar, where you can check out all my past looks, click on a pic and it'll
take you to that specific post. Secondly, if you've got an Instagram, feel free to add me! The link is also on the top bar.

Last but not least, the folks over at Kloud-9 have asked me to review their spring/summer 2013 collection and I will be doing a post on that tomorrow, and showing you guys my top picks, so please stay tuned but in the meantime check out their lookbook here! Kloud-9

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elton John's

Coat-Vintage     Boots-H&M     L.S.-Oscar De La Renta     Jeans-Levis Curve fit     Faux Fur-H&M
Sunnies-Fashion District

     My favorite pair of boots came from H&M. Ankle boots, the bright color of blood orange. I love these boots because they are so versatile; can be worn with dresses, shorts, skirts or jeans. In the summer or winter. H&M has a great shoe selection in general. They're always under my budget too so thats always a plus. The fur Im actually wearing is also from H&M. Its totally detachable, and can be worn with any other sweater/jacket.  It's not real fur of course, because im totally against that. The glasses I have to admit, give me a sort of Janis Joplin/Elton John feel. I love em! Got em for 5 bucks!

     This summer, im seeking flats. Crazy out of the ordinary lookin flats. I want vintage shoes because I feel those are obviously rare and not easily replicated. The quality and workmanship on vintage shoes is hard to find in modern day shoes (I hope that makes sense?). Which reminds me, I've got exciting news! I purchased some vintage valley lane moccasin shoes from Sister Envy, they are so gorgeous and I cant wait to get em!!!! I'll definitely do an outfit post when I receive them..... I was excited to come across Sister Envy's etsy shop because her items are not only cute, but also affordable. What more can a girl ask for!?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just keep swimming.....

Top: Gap     Boots: Steve Madden     Jeans: F21     Necklace: gift     Rings:JcPenney     Cardigan:Q

"When life gets you down, you wanna know what you've gotta do?
Just keep swimming, swim ,swim, swimming..."

It's very true.
Life is full of disappointments but the only thing worse than being let down is being
stuck in a moment that you've no control over. Wanting to change something you can't.
 So you move right along, you keep living,
You keep swimming.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

feelin the blues.


She had blue skin,

And so did he.

He kept it hid

And so did she.

They searched for blue

Their whole life through,

Then passed right by-

And never knew.
                            By Shel Silverstein.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Leather Jacket

blk jack-Q     blk maxi-Tjmaxx     blk boots-F21     blk l.s.-crossroads     beanie-gift    necklace-swapmeet

Today was FREEEEZING outside.
The wind was just incredibly cold. Like if I didn't know better it was probably 
snowing over the hill from where I was. I'm not crazy about summer so I love winter
but today was almost North Pole weather.(ok. ok. it wasn't that bad.)
I went on a little photo shoot with my sis before we had lunch together and stopped
by these really gorgeous houses, snapped some pics by a tree and almost slipped and
broke my wrist. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bright light

sweater-Merona     scarf-Q     dress-thrifted    

That last pic was my attempt at hair looking like Janis Joplin.
(more like the wind blew and it shagged like Janis's)
But it ended up lookin like I had a ball of
gum stuck on top my ponytail. Hahaha!!!
I dont know what to do with my hair anymore, I cant stand it. Its such a nuisance!
Heres my problem, I cant pull off havin long hair, and I hate having short hair. I am my worst critic.
But nonetheless, thank God for my head full of hair.

Moving on...
Haaaaappy New Yeeeeears!!!!
Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!
Im very much anticipating this new year,
(yea I was last year anticipating 2012)
I feel God has many more great things in store for me.
New adventures, new friends, and most of all I'm looking forward
to being done with school!
Growin up is a tough job. I mean juggling work, school, and family all in one,
It's been stressful. But i've definitely been blessed. I wonder what I'll accomplish a year from now.
Where i'll be living
what job i'll land
what length my hair will be
 & what'll I'll be like then....(hopefully never snobby).
 Im hoping to do something useful with my college degree,
I want to challenge myself and see what I can achieve. In every aspect of life I mean.
More so this year than the last.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all have an
( maaaaaaaaaan. christmas is over.)