Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here I am again

shoes-sister envy     necklace-gift     jacket-gap     blk l.s.-old navy     green pants-TJ

"All circles presuppose they'll end where they begin
But only in their leaving can they ever come back around
All circles presuppose."

 MeWithoutYou has the best song lyrics I've ever encountered. They are simple,
 but complicated at the same time, very meaningful.
This song is so simple but you have to think about it to really understand what its saying. 

A circle can be seen without an ending, without a beginning. It's continuous.
This song indicates that the "circle" presupposes its end as its true purpose and its end is its beginning 
but in order to reach its beginning its must follow through to its end.
It somewhow relates to from dust we came and to dust we'll return. 

the idea of even before a circle begins its journey it knows its going to end where it currently is.
but it cant ever come back to where it is unless it embarks on its journey around the circle.
I feel like when we are born, we are born good, and when we die we try to do so being good as well.
(or some of us at least)

Whats the point of this post? Who knows. Whats the point of any post really.
oh yes FASHION.

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