Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elton John's

Coat-Vintage     Boots-H&M     L.S.-Oscar De La Renta     Jeans-Levis Curve fit     Faux Fur-H&M
Sunnies-Fashion District

     My favorite pair of boots came from H&M. Ankle boots, the bright color of blood orange. I love these boots because they are so versatile; can be worn with dresses, shorts, skirts or jeans. In the summer or winter. H&M has a great shoe selection in general. They're always under my budget too so thats always a plus. The fur Im actually wearing is also from H&M. Its totally detachable, and can be worn with any other sweater/jacket.  It's not real fur of course, because im totally against that. The glasses I have to admit, give me a sort of Janis Joplin/Elton John feel. I love em! Got em for 5 bucks!

     This summer, im seeking flats. Crazy out of the ordinary lookin flats. I want vintage shoes because I feel those are obviously rare and not easily replicated. The quality and workmanship on vintage shoes is hard to find in modern day shoes (I hope that makes sense?). Which reminds me, I've got exciting news! I purchased some vintage valley lane moccasin shoes from Sister Envy, they are so gorgeous and I cant wait to get em!!!! I'll definitely do an outfit post when I receive them..... I was excited to come across Sister Envy's etsy shop because her items are not only cute, but also affordable. What more can a girl ask for!?

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  1. Love this! So creative with your photos! And those boots and sunglasses are to die for!