Thursday, February 21, 2013

Michael Costello

Heeeeey Errr'body!
Guess Who's Goin To This......
Hint: starts with an M and ends with an E.
Runway VIP tickets are sold out, and I have to say
it wouldve been manic panic to do backstage peepin,
and of course it wouldve ALSO been nice to....
(Yes Yes, Im a Project Runway Junkie, and might I add,
 this seasons aint too shabby!)
Nonetheless I have to say, Im super excited and I dont even know what to wear!!
Im not much of a nighclub girl so this is gonna be a challenge.
I mean what do you normally wear for an Avalon event?
Stillettos ? 5 inch heels? mini skirts? fem sexy look?
Im about to have a mini stroke.
This is out of my comfort zone.
Yikes!!!!!!! but so much FUN for sure!
2 Fashion shows Lined up, this is gonna be MEGA!
Anddd a massive trip planned for spring break, I'll be posting a little more
once March comes around, Right now i've been stuck doing the school works.

Random Fashion Trend News:
Whats "hot?" I see this ongoing trend of crop tops, midriffs exposed with
a lil' bit of boob action oozin out the bottom instead of the traditional cleavage
peekin out the top. Is this considered attractive now? man, what are we doin!
Its a great thing i'm, how shall i put it, "petite" in the upper chest area, otherwise who knows
maybe i'd be sportin that trend........NOT.
Gives me the Heeebee Jeeebees when I see it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

This Guy.....

I'm so stocked, it'll take place in Pomona and
I might be carpoolin with some of the girls, not sure yet, BUT soon to come!!!!!
(if cameras are allowed?)
if not, i'm on instagram!!!! and cell phones cant be denied!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Im Really loving Fences right now, macklemore even more.
The more I read those lyrics, the more they make me think.
As mentioned before, I can't explain the effect music has on me overall.
Music influences my thoughts, my feelings, my mood, even the way I dress sometimes!
I love how music is linked to fashion in tremendous ways,
Watch a fashion runway show and what makes it grand...???
Man. It was about time I made a sweet new melodious discovery

So, sorry to say no new outfit posts for the time being BUT
heres a little nugget of goodness, its called "otherside" and features Fences.
If you're diggin it, look up the lyrics for this, its magic.
"Never underestimate the power and effect we have on these kids"

Saturday, February 2, 2013


New found music obsession
Im REALLY diggin Macklemore right now.....
Im not a fan of profanity as a part of music lyrics but
other than the ocassional f and *%*!! bombs here and there,
 this is some good stuff. He puts on a great show live.
(And you know theres not too many of those who sound good live.)

Recommendations if you dig this, check out Atmosphere and the fugees.