Thursday, February 21, 2013

Michael Costello

Heeeeey Errr'body!
Guess Who's Goin To This......
Hint: starts with an M and ends with an E.
Runway VIP tickets are sold out, and I have to say
it wouldve been manic panic to do backstage peepin,
and of course it wouldve ALSO been nice to....
(Yes Yes, Im a Project Runway Junkie, and might I add,
 this seasons aint too shabby!)
Nonetheless I have to say, Im super excited and I dont even know what to wear!!
Im not much of a nighclub girl so this is gonna be a challenge.
I mean what do you normally wear for an Avalon event?
Stillettos ? 5 inch heels? mini skirts? fem sexy look?
Im about to have a mini stroke.
This is out of my comfort zone.
Yikes!!!!!!! but so much FUN for sure!
2 Fashion shows Lined up, this is gonna be MEGA!
Anddd a massive trip planned for spring break, I'll be posting a little more
once March comes around, Right now i've been stuck doing the school works.

Random Fashion Trend News:
Whats "hot?" I see this ongoing trend of crop tops, midriffs exposed with
a lil' bit of boob action oozin out the bottom instead of the traditional cleavage
peekin out the top. Is this considered attractive now? man, what are we doin!
Its a great thing i'm, how shall i put it, "petite" in the upper chest area, otherwise who knows
maybe i'd be sportin that trend........NOT.
Gives me the Heeebee Jeeebees when I see it.


  1. I'm so jealous!!! That's such an awesome opportunity! Very cool.


    1. Yeah im totally stoked! Des do you have an instagram? send me your user so i can add you if you do!