Friday, March 29, 2013

Hope is everlasting.

I think we can all agree on one thing,
no matter the situation, no matter the style, no matter what you're into, 
music is always there for you.
Its like a security blanket, prayer first and foremost, 
but secondly music is my therapy. Throughout my blog you can note that I
absolutely love music as I'm always posting different song picks. I think I tend to bore people
I meet when I strike a conversation focused on music. I can go on for hours. 
Its the simple things in life that make it what it is. 
And music makes my life a positive journey.

Easter Sunday has been amazing, I went to church and the service was a
breakthrough experience. I feel that as human beings we always go off track in life
and things get tough and we get lost, we start to place importance in things that really arent
good for us. We do things that we shouldnt because they feel right at the moment. 
Today was a great reminder for myself to start getting back on track again.
 In the end we make our choices, we pick our battles. We learn. We move on.
And in the end,
" Hope is on its way".

Countdown to Japan:  2 MORE DAYS!!!!!