Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kenya Beauties....

I've been highly captivated by the natural beauty which ooooooozes from these
gorgeous women. I believe myself to be a strong woman, an independant individual,
(although I struggle much of my life, with various things, As we all do, totally normal.)
and I find beauty in these particular ladies because their idea of attractive is nothing like the things we've
been trained and told to believe. Many of these Samburu tribes practice rituals where they intentioanlly scar their bodies as a sign of power. They see scars and imperfections as trophies of things they've endured, power they've achieved, or beauty they've acquired. They embrace our "ugly" so to say.
These women many times do not have long hair, its either dreaded or shaved off.
Let me tell you, im gonna jump on that bandwagon here pretty soon.
I think im at a point in my life where im slowly transitioning to doing what I've always truly wanted to,
many times we have inhibitors in the form of people or "obstacles" that hold us back from the things we've
been aching to do, and I feel this year im truly finding myself and challenging my mentality.
Im making so many changes that I probably wouldnt of be able to last year or the years before.
 I'm beginning to see light in things ,
Might sound like im rambling but I feel like Wendy from Peter Pan,
As if I walk the plank of life and think I know the outcome
but  surprised to find that the outcome was nothing like I had expected.
This is a great thing by the way haha!

Outfit posts soon to come, Fashion show almost here and I'm preppin!
Um did I MENTION I went tanning for the first time eeeeever just last week!>!!>
I almost instagrammed it but tried to keep myself focused on how to start up the tanning bed hahahah!! it was FUUUUUUUUUUUN!! im addicted now, im gonna look like a crispy piece of KFC chicken soon.
IM JOKING im not hooked on tanning people, just doin it so i wont look like
chocolate vanilla ice cream as I wear my tube top dress to the show. (boy my legs were light)
My life is full of unexpected, crazy, curve-ball surprises.
But im a great swinger to keep em coming!
OOOOOOOOOOOH. no . no that did NOT sound right.
surely you know what I mean jeeezzzz.

and lets end this post with some of my favorite lyrics of all time,
"look at what they've done to my brain, they've picked it like a chicken bone,
and now im half insane, look at what they've done to my brain"

Imagine America, where we see scars are a mark of beauty. That'll be the day.

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