Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photo Journal # 2:


So all of these photographs were taken by my AMAZING Samsung Galaxy S2.
most can be found on my INSTAGRAM(add me! "Raquellmeleena")
I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy with this phone it is the best phone 
I've ever owned, and im the type of girl who likes to have nices phones(decent at least).
It was a little pricey but WORTH EVERY PENNY.
you know what else was worth every penny? JAPANNNNNNNNNNN
aaaaaw yeeeeea here it comes...............
My Japan Photo Journal part 2:
These should take you on a short journey, let you see some of what i experienced,
First off My goodbyes to my family, mom n sis, 
secondly, us arriving at the LAX!!! then boarding the plane......
(the lines were LOOOOOOOOOONG but than God quick to die down)
Then....A picture of the delicious food we had on the plane, 
which might I mention the plane ride to Japan was 12 hours long!!! 
(I know I know I'm tacky, so what!! )
Then we arrive at Foomies super cute apartment which included a breath taking view
 of the surrounding spaces, and maybe Mount Fuji??....maybe.......just maybe
Oh and a picture of Japanese currency! YEN!! which I learned how to pay with,
took me a while might I add but hey I did it!!
A picture of the beverage vending machines found at literally
EVERY corner in Tokyo!! See, Japanese people are such hard workers and so
this is why you find these machines everywhere, for the peoples convenience,
most of which sell BOSS coffee, advertised by none other than 
Tommy Lee Jones! super awesome if you ask me.
 Plus BOSS coffee..???
totally the best tasting coffee, but then again Japan in general has like
THE BEST COFFEE eeeeeever. I fell in love with the
 bottled coffee sold at almost every Japanese grocery store.
And LASTLY!! a pic of 3 beautiful people 
Till next time!! tons more pics to come!

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