Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Shades of Bronze

necklace:swapmeet     dress:japan     hat:elegant attic     bracelets:vintage/gifts     boots:H&M

Ive been getting alot of feedback...regarding my skin color.
People I havent see in a while have asked what has happened to me because I look 
(its actually pretty funny!!)
I don't tan, I just go out and swim. Ive done alot of outings this time around because
im fortunate to have a boyfriend who likes to keep active.
Such things include swimming; at the river or pool,
riding bikes, hiking, walking, and going to the beach.
I hadnt noticed the changes but I am waaaay darker than I used to be and its kinda cool because
this is summer afterall huh? and it shows im out having a good time!
Today was hot, for those of you who are not from Cali.
BE THANKFUL youre not havin to deal with 100+ degree weather,
(and hopefully youre not dealing with the opposite either haha!)
It usually starts cooling off around my birthday and thats still months away so,
I guess im bound to change shades some more!!!!!!!!!!
OH OH!!!! hot air ballons coming up!!!!
stay tuned for more outfit posts and ballon fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope youre havin a wonderful wonderful summer!

Friday, July 26, 2013

What I Wore...

shorts: Japan     Sandals: Target     bracelets:DIY/gift     top: TJ's     hat: elegant attic     purse:TJ's
Location: MOCA

So I went from bleached head, to light brown, to back to normal brown hair.
what a trip. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urs Fischer

So I went to the Urs Fischer Art exhibit and it was 
Ive got to say my favorite was the rain drops installation.
It was like a MATRIX status trippy trick. 
These are just a few pictures from the gallery, they showcase some of my favorite pieces.
So not much to say except im excited for tomorrow because I get to see 
my one and only handsome man!! Im bound to have fun anytime 
I head over to visit my love.
Im wishing you all have a wonderful weekend filled with tons and tons of fun!!!!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Nature Calls.

So we're exploring, driving, walking, and we spot a spot...
(hahah! see what  i did there?!)
And it was creepy. There was on old home, abandoned, remnants of the chimney still there, 
stove, some walls, etc. 
So naturally i'd be all over that getn some super nifty blog pics,
BUT then i saw bright tulle fabric hanging off some trees and wrapped around branches,
It was BIZARRE. Like imagine exploring the forest and stumbling upon a spot which had
PINK GIRLY TULLE hanging off some trees!?!?!??!?
Totally texas chain saw status. Like i got goosebumps.
not only because i was creeped out but also because there were a ton of BUGS flying around 
my FACE. Its as if my body was glistening some sort of bug juice because they were all over me.
like if i were to inhale, i couldve risked sniffin up a mosquito.

Nature is some serious stuff.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Zoo!!!

And in that last photograph i had a little bird type animal thing
lick my fingers!!! It tickled.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Down By The River down by the river i was drawn by your grace into tempest of oblivion and to the lovers-place i was stucked in a puddle full of tears and unwise dark doings now i know that we’ve payed unlike honey i know hey when we walked arm in arm i felt like we can throw away the falseness of our past and i know too it’s been the hardest day for you let’s throw them out the window that’s what those lovers do