Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Shades of Bronze

necklace:swapmeet     dress:japan     hat:elegant attic     bracelets:vintage/gifts     boots:H&M

Ive been getting alot of feedback...regarding my skin color.
People I havent see in a while have asked what has happened to me because I look 
(its actually pretty funny!!)
I don't tan, I just go out and swim. Ive done alot of outings this time around because
im fortunate to have a boyfriend who likes to keep active.
Such things include swimming; at the river or pool,
riding bikes, hiking, walking, and going to the beach.
I hadnt noticed the changes but I am waaaay darker than I used to be and its kinda cool because
this is summer afterall huh? and it shows im out having a good time!
Today was hot, for those of you who are not from Cali.
BE THANKFUL youre not havin to deal with 100+ degree weather,
(and hopefully youre not dealing with the opposite either haha!)
It usually starts cooling off around my birthday and thats still months away so,
I guess im bound to change shades some more!!!!!!!!!!
OH OH!!!! hot air ballons coming up!!!!
stay tuned for more outfit posts and ballon fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope youre havin a wonderful wonderful summer!


  1. Love this outfit! And looove the color of your fedora hat! Followed you on bloglovin :)
    Smize with Style

  2. thanks girly i'll follow back!