Thursday, August 8, 2013

Parisian Stripes

top-TJ's     shorts-Love Story     necklace-boyfriends!     bracelets-DIY/gifts     bag-TJ's

I like to think this is my representation of the arisian look. Because of the stripes. 
hahahahah!!! I know I know. Im a bit ridiculous sometimes hahah!

I'll give you a short story behind this picture, I got to revisit my old hometown fresno
and did some ice skating!! kay so I need to say that I am just over the top filled with joy which is hard to believe because
life can be tough most often than not and sometimes the negatives outweigh the positives but,
I recently experienced like a moment of "bliss"? so to say? 
where although I had my negatives try and consume my positives, I was able to 
look at the grand scheme of things and realize that life is too short to waste time on being mopey.
 So I know im rambling and this might sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo but what im trying to say is,
Although changes are guaranteed, in this moment right now, I am absolutely filled with joy and happiness.
My heart is filled with peace and I can genuinely say Im appreciating all aspects of my life.
That can be difficult at times since we sometimes find that we're not in a place we'd like to be whether its financially, career wise, or concerning our love life. 
I keep facing those moments where we want to speed up life and already get to a point where we are
independent individuals and we're set for life, but whats the fun in speeding up our youth?
Its short lived, precious, and definitely irreversable; once its gone.....ITS GOOONE.
(well unless of course, you resort to like, plastic surgery for knife work,
which in case you're gaining a youthful appearance but like, you're not living that youthful life any longer,
our bodies get old, slow and soggy. yes soggy. because I like that word more so than  SAGGY. 
And soon our bodies prepare to expire, and unfortunately no ones discovered the fountain of youth quite yet so no imortality!!!!!)
Those who know me know that I love my creator very much so, and because of that I believe that
God wants us all to LIVE a happy life, and i mean literally, LIVE.
some people are born, and live a short life. They die at around age 40, but aren't buried till their late 80's if ya know what i mean.
So i've decided to stay positive of course knowing that the negatives will still be around,
but instead of diving into this crazy depression when things dont go my way, i'll remain hopeful(hopefully hahah!) and aware that the struggles of this life are only temporary.

Summer is DA BOMB this time around!!!!!!!
(but don't say that inside a plane)

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