Monday, September 30, 2013

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2013

what I wore: 
dress: vintage    boots: wasteland 
vest: Liz Claiborne   bracelet: Lucky

what my boyfriend wore: 
slacks: dockers    vest: merona 
shirt:H&M    Bowtie:Japan  
shoes: Vintage Mezlan Wingtips

@ The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event in Los Angeles Ca.!
And did I mention how I injured my knee before this event
and spent HOURS wishing the swelling would go down so I wouldn't have to
miss the event AAAAAnd after icing it overnight with a frozen bag of peas,
most of the swelling went away!!!!!!!!!!?!?!

(it was still a little swollen as you can see but waaaay better than it was the day before,
i mean it was so bad I was gonna have to get it drained because there were fluids building up that
prevented me from flexing or bending it.)

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2013

This past Sunday thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, I took part in the 
"Distinguished Gentlemans Ride" in Los Angeles!
I got to ride with Keil along with many many other motorcyclists
(all of which rode dapper status!)
in order to raise money for prostate cancer research. 
The goal was to raise 250,000 and the funds are now are 264,041.
This was such a memorable event and I definitely felt great knowing I was partaking in something
so meaningful. There were so many sharp looking men at the event and I truly did appreciate
the mens fashion. Never have I seen such a large amount of men all looking as great as they did.
Im proud to say Keil was of the best looking men there! but of course
that might be a bit bias coming from the girlfriend huh?

Although I knew close to nothing about motorcycles, 
I appreciate all things vintage, I love fashion, and of course 
Im always up for a fundraiser event so this was such a blast for me and I enjoyed it to the max!
There are many more photographs of this even if you click on the following link,

Special thanks to Christian Jung for taking all these lovely photographs.
Feel free to check out his Instagram as well,
(just click on the link!)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Settle Down

I remember days like these words like these.


skirt:garage sale     top:target     jewelry:swapmeet/indian store/gifts

"The glory of God is man fully alive"
I don't think i'm quite there yet.
I'm rather toasty in this photo, it adds to my hispanic-ness. 
I haven't had many outfit posts as I'm not much for selfies, and my sister is usually working
so.....I haven't had a chance to update my blog. Here's a quickie though.
I have to say i'm happy I got this snapped
because I do miss my photo shoots. And it was originally my blog goal to
 document my style as I age, everyday or at least every other day,
 and see where i'm going with it.  Its a tough thing to blog and I feel discouraged more often than not
because life is larger than internet and blogs and all that nonsense. It can be easy to get caught up
with this stuff and miss life as we see it. So in a sense im happy to be away from my blog
for the time I have because it just means ive been living, not quite to the fullest, but im getting there.
And only time will tell what the future holds.
 I hope to soon say I am living, I am fully alive.
for the moment, im not quite there yet.

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