Monday, September 30, 2013

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2013

what I wore: 
dress: vintage    boots: wasteland 
vest: Liz Claiborne   bracelet: Lucky

what my boyfriend wore: 
slacks: dockers    vest: merona 
shirt:H&M    Bowtie:Japan  
shoes: Vintage Mezlan Wingtips

@ The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event in Los Angeles Ca.!
And did I mention how I injured my knee before this event
and spent HOURS wishing the swelling would go down so I wouldn't have to
miss the event AAAAAnd after icing it overnight with a frozen bag of peas,
most of the swelling went away!!!!!!!!!!?!?!

(it was still a little swollen as you can see but waaaay better than it was the day before,
i mean it was so bad I was gonna have to get it drained because there were fluids building up that
prevented me from flexing or bending it.)

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