Friday, October 25, 2013

Matilija Dam

Its late, i'm sleepy so i'll keep this brief....
I went for a hike with an old friend 
and made some new friends along the way, it was so awesome!
I love love love meeting new people, holding long conversations, and learning about 
anything and everything other people have to say. This outing was perfection!
(minus the billions of itty bitty bugs flying around out along the trail.)
Highlight of the day, among many things actually....
(mexican food on our way back was DEFINITELY one of em),
Arriving at the Matilija Dam, and staring at some GIANT scissors along the Dam wall,
and later hearing from a local that this is BANKSY'S ART WORK!!!!!!!!!!

More pics to come! 

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  1. Not Damnation and learn more!