Monday, December 23, 2013

Red Rock Canyon National Park?

I cant explain how excited I STILL am about these photographs!!!
Sometimes you go places and you hope to get some really cool shots of yourself visiting these spots so you can keep those memories and maybe even one day show your kids how
adventurous you were when you were a teen, and hopefully inspire them to also 
go out and enjoy/explore nature.....

(well at least those are my thoughts) I'm always the type that enjoys
looking at old photographs, I know I was excited to see some of my mothers vintage photographs of her young adult life. Just to see how she dressed or the places shes been!
These will be my photos and they come with a great story, strong memorable trips like these 
are what I look forward to sharing with my family once im old n wrinkly.

I can honestly say 2013 was filled with adventures I never thought I'd be a part of but Im most certainly thankful for the time, resources in my life that all made these trips possible.