Saturday, November 23, 2013


so I went to mammoth where I got to snowboard for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!
There were so many things I loved about this trip and memories I will hold dear for
a very long time. ok ok...let be honest....
there were things I did NOT like about my trip. Let us begin.....
So my friend says pack up we're going somewhere...and indeed we hit the road.
He says dont look in the backseat(mystery under the sheets) this is going to be a surprise!
so we're driving , we're driving....and we're driving some MORE and all these
sights around me are nothing short of amazing and just gorgeous. 
Beautiful blue skies, toasty golden brown mountains, luscious green patches of grass here n there, and WHAT??? .....SNOW!!!!!??!!
yes, the surprise was somewhat outta the bag, (that and I couldnt wait any longer, I kept asking where are we going?? where are we going!!!)
So he says....."Snowboarding up in MAMMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
We stayed at a super fancy resort as seen on some of these photos, and well I guess the one thing I didnt enjoy was falling on my butt so many times and even crying over it,
also I fell on my face and got the scare of my life thinking I had lost my front teeth
(thank the lord I didnt...whew!!!!)
I got a little cut on my upper cheek near my eye but all in all I survived haha!
And I did pretty well on the steep hill. My snowboarding skills are officially,
better than a beginner (or so I tell myself that).

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