Monday, February 3, 2014

Peachy Beachy


Just a post from a magnificent trip I recently took to Santa Cruz.  I wanted to revisit Santa Cruz because the city was so special to me.
I had once gone on vacation to Santa Cruz and fell in love with the diversity, the shops, 
the beachlife, and the city in general. I went to Pacific Ave,the Beach Boardwalk, The Mystery Spot,
Trader Joes and a really delicious pizza place. 
OH!! and we went to NATURAL BRIDGES BEACH!!
These are just a few shots from our trip to the beach!
I remember driving along natural bridges on our way back to the boardwalk and seeing a
plathora of surfers just waiting for some waves out on the beach, it was so awesome!
We pretty much did all things I wanted to do while there.

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