Thursday, May 22, 2014

Headed for paradise


Cliff jumper.
 The world has prepped me r the future. worries,
Among mankind I am different. My heart seeks, my body longs for, and my soul cries out. Daily.
Could I be so naive as to believe what my mind wants, or can I make believe and wish and wish until
my deepest desires come true. 

I sought to see the world, to fall in love, to dream, but what i found was far far richer.
My youth, this passion for life. The ups and downs, and yet despite it all.
 I am alive. I am truly alive.

These photographs are snippets from my trip to laguna beach caves. I had a blast and spent the day in the presence of my great friends, old and new. We walked all along 1000 steps beach, ate lunch, tanned/sunbathed until my skin turned deep friend chicken color,
 and also explored Reef Point.
I am really thankful to God that I known people who are willing to
have good innocent fun that does not include partying, drinking, and all the typical "popular"
things our generation is crazy for. Did I mention I just got an amethyst ring the color blood orange AND a second ring the color soft turquoise teal?!!?! It was one of the best surprises ever

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