Thursday, June 19, 2014

We're out here exploring!


So hey guys! It's been a while and i've missed my blogging so I'm back!
I will make it my goal to try and post as much as I did when I first started this online journal.
The posts have slowly but surely taken a different route, they are excerpts more about
my traveling excursions and photographs sharing what I get to see on these journeys.

These photographs were taken at an abandoned building (obviously hahah!!).
This was such a cool opportunity for me to get out and photograph new sites, try a new style,
and hang out with new company! In the photos is my friend Jose, a really nice guy who showed me around to some of his spots of interest. We also went to the abandoned zoo over in griffith park. That was pretty awesome because there was a commercial being filmed while we were there! We saw a snake,
we ate Portos, and then talked about work, life and photography!

My life has pretty much remained the same in the sense that I still am very much passionate about fashion,
I feel i've matured a whole lot however, and so my style has changed. I dont need to be so flashy with patterns and colors anymore. Im in love with oversized and minimalist styles. 

Definitely my shopping spots have been a clash of thrifting, garage saling, and window browsing hahaha!
My favorite store right now is definitely Foreign Exchange. Who knew that place had the
most gorgeous washed out boyfriend jeans IVE SEEN SINCE FREE PEOPLE/JOES JEANS!!!!
(too bad they didnt have my size...ugh)

I recently went to a wedding, and I hadnt been to one since I was 10ish so it was nice to experience that!
I wore a super cute black dress and awesome steve madden platform cork slip ons.
I can only look forward for a wedding of my own and how awesome it
will be to have a say in how it looks overall and how awesome and MINIMAL my dress will be.
(i'm obsessed with the minimal people!!!)

Us girls(or some of us at least!) have these dreams and aspirations to one day find our handsome sweetlove
whom will treat us like a Princess and love us to infinity and beyond!! Wedding and bells and the whole 
shabang. You get the picture....well thank God my life is falling into place and 
My ultimate dream to look forward to is having that special sweetlove who
wont know how special he is to me but be so focused on how special I am to him.
aaaaand wedding and bells and the whole shabang!!
Ohhhhhhh love can be such a beautiful thing if you want it to be.

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