Thursday, July 3, 2014

I was born to move mountains


I was made for plans much bigger than my mind can fully comprehend.
I was made to move mountains. These feet were made to travel.
My eyes are reflectors projecting earthly sights like those of kaleidoscopes.
This light inside me, although sometimes flickering, never goes dark
and is yet another facet of my purpose driven life.

Sometimes life is like an ocean and we're swimming in shark infested waters.
It's hills and crevasses,and  hikes full of thorny bushes while you're wearing 100% cotton, high top socks.
But we keep on swimming. We persevere and we overcome.
We climb over the cracks, to the highest tree in hopes to see the world.
We sweat and struggle, feel flustered but press on forward to pick up the pieces,
and continue right from where we left off.

I can go on forever and ever and write unending stories and lines and inspirational quotes but the truth
of the matter is, life can be poopy sometimes. And as quick as I can recognize it as poopy, is as quick as I
recognize it as BEAUTIFUL and worthy of all the muck and the mire.
Just like life can be full of muck and mire we learn to jump right into it and make a splash of it all.

(Can you tell im a fan of cold war kids?)

These photos were taken at the Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park...
It was my first time going to this cave and I absolutely loved it!!!!
I cant believe all the beautiful things that are out there and so much that our eyes cant even understand.
I always envisioned myself as a traveler. Wanting to see alot of the world. Wanting to see what God has out there just waiting for me. All the places and people I must come across.
Its all so exciting to me. I can give you some advice if you're ever feeling blue,
Think of the most beautiful scene out of a fairy tale, and realize that its out there.
Waiting for you to stumble upon it.
Think of the girl/guy of your dreams, the one who will appreciate you 24/7, love you unconditionally
and realize she/he is out there. waiting to be loved by you. Waiting to love you.

and know that you're not alone. You've never been alone, you never will be alone.
Unless you allow it.

Happy Early fourth of July

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