Friday, July 18, 2014

Route 66



Today my friend Eric and I took a roadtrip down to Elmers Bottle Tree Ranch!
It was a 1.5 hour drive from home but definitely worth it. 
This was a spot I'd heard of, about 4 months ago or so but never got a chance to 
visit until now! Aparently people from all over the world know about Elmers magical creation,
and so he gets plenty of visitors from pretty much everywhere! 
While we were there, there were two other couples exploring the artsy land!
I was among the others taking pictures of everything around me.

One thing i noticed after viewing these photographs(which I hadn't noticed while there)
you can play ISPY while at the bottle tree ranch because there are SO MANY random items you will spot
throughout the area. SERIOUSLY. shotguns, typewriters, tricycles, surf boards, doll heads,
bath tubs, sinks, keys, rims, and much much more! Take a gander at my photographs and youll see!

I took a stroll down memory lane on our ride to Elmers, because we listened to CDS I hadnt played since high school days....It was ....interesting to see what my music taste was like back then hahaha!

Anyways Hope you guys take a visit if in the area, this is truly a cool spot 
where you can definitely draw inspiration from all thats around you.
My piece of inspiration was the idea that 
you dont have to be some hot shot to create something that the whole population will
admire and want to be a part of/want to see.
Elmer is just a typical average joe but with a powerful drive and high aspirations to create something that
made HIM happy. and made his home more of a home.

photo credit goes to MUA and shots where im phtographed, credit to my buddy Eric.
thank goodness, I hadn't had my photograph taken in ....well I cant remember
when was the last time I was photographed.....

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