Friday, July 4, 2014



This journal is sort of becoming my book of firsts!
These are a few shots from my first trip wakeboarding!!!
Im lucky to have friends who invite me places and enable me to try new things along with them.
I got to wakeboard for the very first time and I was HORRIBLE AT IT!!!
well hey hey now, I wasnt horrible HORRIBLE, I just couldnt get up,
my puny weak little chicken legs felt so weak hahaha!!! I couldnt conjure up any strength to stand on my board!!!! I gave it about 6 tries and then My arms just gave out, I took a rest but then couldnt continue where I left off hahah!! Im hoping to go wakeboarding again this month so
I will definitely give it another shot.
Its cool trying new things, Its okay to not be good at all those things. I meet people who want to be
excellent at many if not ALL things, and thats great, but Im content knowing I tried, and I had fun trying.
And but if i love it that much , most defnitely I try and try until I get it right.
But basically for me its not about winning, its not about being the best, or even being excellent at something.
Its really about the attempt, the passion behind it, and how much fun you have while doing it.


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