Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hemingways... what a beaut!

Sooooo im baaaack! I took a little hiatus, stepped away for a while but Im back
to le blog.......My humble abode.
hahaha! uncalled for, I just really wanted to say "my humble abode"
I think its too great when people say that, sounds soooo classy and charming.
"welcome to my humble abode..."

Alright, okay. Im having too much fun here. So Theres a ton of things that have happened
in my sweet ol life, where to begin!!!?!!! Oh yes...
So my friend rico says hes having a show at some stellar venue in hollywood, naturally
I say yES!!! Im in!!! So he gives me the deets on the venue and all that jazz....

I show up to big hugs and awesome talks!! Catching up on life and all the craziness in between. He introduces me to his bandmates, and then we meet up with my other friend, his sister Risa and we talk and talk some more which was all just
total goodness to my soul!! First off, this venue was spectacular. 
THE most handsome looking venue on the block. for sure. We've got some typewrites all along the walls, books, and a huge sketch of two hands
(which happened to go perfectly with the typewriter theme). 

I hadnt listened to my friends band in about 3-4 years,
nor had I hung out with him or his sis in forever!! so today was awesome because
I enjoy long meaningful conversations especially when you know you are missed and
talking can go on forever and its okay because theres just so much to talk about,
and the conversation never runs dry haha!

I love this!!!! So Night Riots is definitely a band you should check out,
they are amazing musicians and Rico is THE best drummer eeeever!!(he really is amazing!)
This photo, not so great BUT listen, the lighting was beautiful and so its sort of understandable why the photo turned out crummy! (plus i took this with my phone)

No worries though, I'll be watching them again Oct 3 so more photos soon to come!!!