Saturday, September 13, 2014

Route 66: Roadtripping on point.

yes I am at the famous Hackberry Route 66 shop!
Crazy to think this road takes you from LA to Chicago...unbelievable right?
This world is full of nutty happenings. 

My favorite thing on this stop was the tourist wall which cases dollar bills, pesos, yen, turkishollars( turkish dollars), and all sorts of other currency from around the world!!!
Visitors get to pinpoint where they're visiting from, and although there were
many american buckaroos, there were plenty of other dollars from all sorts of different 
countries!!!!!! I saw one from turkey, england, china, Japan, Egypt, and more!!

Well fellow readers,
Im completely exhausted and all i want to do is catch some Z's 
so I'll continue on this later!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hiking these luscious mountain tops

OH. M. G. guys.
Ummm.....So we went on a hike, to see the sunrise from the top of the mountains and well...
we saw some flickin awesome bambis!!!!
ok ok. ignore that last shot of me, that was after running through the trail 
(LITERALLY , WE DID SOME TRAIL RUNNING to catch the sunrise from the mountain top..)
And so my total appearance wasnt too attractive. notice the off balance hair bun. 

crazy how theres desert and then theres a forest up the road in Arizona.
Wild stuff I tell ya!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rainbow Goodies!!!

On our way out of the canyon we got to watch lightning all across the grand canyon sky, 
the patchy rainspots looked surreal, very magical.
After the rain came a rainbow, outstretched over the sleeping giant.
I cant even handle all the greatness of this trip. I mean seriously.
Im feeling more humbled every passing minute, transformed, 
at peace, renewed. All these positive vibes.
The best things in life really are free.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Our death hike to South Kaibab Trail!!
An 11 mile hike, storm started setting in while we hiked it!
So it was stinkin hot on our way down the canyon but raining by the time we had to make our way out! There was an old mr. hiking the trail, an instructor aparently, who at one point passed us by and said, " you gals need to turn around, storms coming in 
and you can catch hypothermia with the weather thats a'brewin'"

well....we waited for him to leave and said to ourselves
"umm.......i REALLY doubt things'll get so rough we'll get hypothermia out here"
Afterall it was just starting to sprinkle! 
LIGHTNING!!!!!!! and thunder that echoed throughout the was insane,
the sound of thunder echoing throughout the grand canyon, 
It went down in Raych history,
the day I fell in love with lightning, and the sound of thunder.

subtracting my everyday city life routine and replacing it with this piece of mother nature
was the best decision i've made in quite a while.

Life is good. No....Life is REEEEEEal good.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grand Canyon Skywalk!

Crazy to think of how you remember certain events; 
what you were doing and where you were.
For example: I remember when michael Jackson was pronounced dead, I was having pizza at my friends pizza parlor in Fresno Ca. 
When September 11 went down I was in the 5th or 6th grade, in class and my teacher turned on the tv in our classroom to see the news reports. I remember vividly how devastated and shocked she was at the thought of the twin towers coming to an end.
And so my point is, I'll remember being on Vegas Strip and learning that Joan Rivers had died. Sensory overload by the way!!! strip. WOW now.

I really appreciate these life details, these moments, these events your mind will remember probably forever because of whatever funny little reason. 

Anyways, okay sooooo....HAHAHA i find myself saying" anywayss...."
and "sooo...." quite often....especially at work. Makes me feel silly and repetitive. But anyways where was I,
 I arrived thrilled because of havasupai and the caves and the grand canyon and hualapai all these neat things my friend had told me about! Oh and not only that but I had a room aaaall to myself, with a bathroom and hair styling tools, and awesome shampoos hahah! I loved it! I had the best hosts eeeveeer! And my friends dad cooked this awesome breakfast for us made with broken wheat, scrambled eggs and bacon...mmmmmm.
They call it "Allah". pretty interesting!

These photographs are somewhat mixed up since I took soooo many while in Arizona, but
our first big stop was the morning we went to The Grand Canyon, Skywalk! we got passes which included the 3-4 different stops, a meal ticket, and the skywalk admission! We got eat ribs, corn bread, mashed potatoes, veggies, and icy cold drink(much needed thank the heavens, it was HOT out...!!) and the sweetest softest chocolate chip cookie i've had to this day. I got to
1. shot a gun!!!!! In a drawing match
( with a bullet proof shield between us of course) and I won!
2. Lasso a bull!! On the second try!
3. play a game of horseshoe(eh. i did aight' )
4. shoot some arrows and hit  bulls eye on the first try!!!!
(I took archery in high school so apparently I've got skills!)

It was all just GRAND! literally! haha! The grand canyon is someting everyone should experience at least once in their life because it really takes your breath away, like nothing youve ever felt. For your tiny peepin eyes to see something to massive and majestic, you cant even comprehend how such beauty is possible. Your mind cant even register the massive intensity of the canyons. Its literally mind blowing. For real.

Photographs dont do it ANY justice. none whatsoever.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Las Vegas!!!

So im on a plane, destination; Las Vegas....
Well well well. hahaha! Who'd of thought!! And I always was one to say,
"I'll never visit Vegas, doesnt seem interesting to me"
Meh! Here I am flying one way .... Yikes!!!
So some friends and I have planned this for days now and basically im on this trip for some killer hikes, mega views, and camping!!
I will be hiking in Arizona with friends with the intention of camping at havasupai to see the
infamous Teal/Turquoise waterfall.....

Im so proud of myself haha! I surprise myself more and more everyday.
 Its sort of intriguing you know. when you isolate outward elements and analyze who YOU are aside from friendships, adventures, setbacks. You really discover new things about your persona and start to notice things you never did before. you start to really see your independent self. independent of all outward influences .

Lately I've been so busy with work, starting this new job has been so awesome for me and
Ive experienced blessing in abundance because of it! This trip being one of them!
I am so thankful thats for sure. 
Its crazy how so many things happen all at once! I've had to deal with ups and downs but i've never experienced what Im experiencing lately. Out of the blue all at once, Ive met up with old friends who I've found i missed tremendously! Ive been meeting/making new friends, building meaningful relationships and experiencing new lifestyles! 
(Which is always my favorite!!)
Boy oh boy this world has so much to offer and just when you think you've seen alot of it, you learn you've been seriously mistaken!
I'm literally watching myself grow before my eyes (if that makes any sense at all!)

So this new thing; i'll close every entry with words that describe how im currently feeling. Itll be fun to come back to these entries and see what my mood was like!

Im thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed, blessed in abundance, in love and hopeful for things to come

P.S. That last shot is that of the worlds tallest ferris wheel!! The High Roller Ferris Wheel..... It fits about 40 people!!! How nuts is that!!?!
Oh yea and then we cruised/explored vegas strip! These were snapped very quickly people, bear with me!! they're not the greatest haha!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My sweet Laffy Taffy

So Ive adopted a child of my own.....
here she is......

Meet Taffy.

WHAT!!!!? shes seriously hard work people!!! 
I gotta bathe her, brush her fur, feed her, change her litter box, its like having a baby!!
ahahahahah ok ok. not quite but you know what I mean.
Unfortunately taffy got sick so I had to take her to the vet(picture on my instagram!)
She is doing better and I have to give her medicine everytime she eats so,
fingers crossed she will have a speedy recovery.