Saturday, September 6, 2014

Las Vegas!!!

So im on a plane, destination; Las Vegas....
Well well well. hahaha! Who'd of thought!! And I always was one to say,
"I'll never visit Vegas, doesnt seem interesting to me"
Meh! Here I am flying one way .... Yikes!!!
So some friends and I have planned this for days now and basically im on this trip for some killer hikes, mega views, and camping!!
I will be hiking in Arizona with friends with the intention of camping at havasupai to see the
infamous Teal/Turquoise waterfall.....

Im so proud of myself haha! I surprise myself more and more everyday.
 Its sort of intriguing you know. when you isolate outward elements and analyze who YOU are aside from friendships, adventures, setbacks. You really discover new things about your persona and start to notice things you never did before. you start to really see your independent self. independent of all outward influences .

Lately I've been so busy with work, starting this new job has been so awesome for me and
Ive experienced blessing in abundance because of it! This trip being one of them!
I am so thankful thats for sure. 
Its crazy how so many things happen all at once! I've had to deal with ups and downs but i've never experienced what Im experiencing lately. Out of the blue all at once, Ive met up with old friends who I've found i missed tremendously! Ive been meeting/making new friends, building meaningful relationships and experiencing new lifestyles! 
(Which is always my favorite!!)
Boy oh boy this world has so much to offer and just when you think you've seen alot of it, you learn you've been seriously mistaken!
I'm literally watching myself grow before my eyes (if that makes any sense at all!)

So this new thing; i'll close every entry with words that describe how im currently feeling. Itll be fun to come back to these entries and see what my mood was like!

Im thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed, blessed in abundance, in love and hopeful for things to come

P.S. That last shot is that of the worlds tallest ferris wheel!! The High Roller Ferris Wheel..... It fits about 40 people!!! How nuts is that!!?!
Oh yea and then we cruised/explored vegas strip! These were snapped very quickly people, bear with me!! they're not the greatest haha!

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