Saturday, September 13, 2014

Route 66: Roadtripping on point.

yes I am at the famous Hackberry Route 66 shop!
Crazy to think this road takes you from LA to Chicago...unbelievable right?
This world is full of nutty happenings. 

My favorite thing on this stop was the tourist wall which cases dollar bills, pesos, yen, turkishollars( turkish dollars), and all sorts of other currency from around the world!!!
Visitors get to pinpoint where they're visiting from, and although there were
many american buckaroos, there were plenty of other dollars from all sorts of different 
countries!!!!!! I saw one from turkey, england, china, Japan, Egypt, and more!!

Well fellow readers,
Im completely exhausted and all i want to do is catch some Z's 
so I'll continue on this later!

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