Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grand Canyon Skywalk!

Crazy to think of how you remember certain events; 
what you were doing and where you were.
For example: I remember when michael Jackson was pronounced dead, I was having pizza at my friends pizza parlor in Fresno Ca. 
When September 11 went down I was in the 5th or 6th grade, in class and my teacher turned on the tv in our classroom to see the news reports. I remember vividly how devastated and shocked she was at the thought of the twin towers coming to an end.
And so my point is, I'll remember being on Vegas Strip and learning that Joan Rivers had died. Sensory overload by the way!!! strip. WOW now.

I really appreciate these life details, these moments, these events your mind will remember probably forever because of whatever funny little reason. 

Anyways, okay sooooo....HAHAHA i find myself saying" anywayss...."
and "sooo...." quite often....especially at work. Makes me feel silly and repetitive. But anyways where was I,
 I arrived thrilled because of havasupai and the caves and the grand canyon and hualapai all these neat things my friend had told me about! Oh and not only that but I had a room aaaall to myself, with a bathroom and hair styling tools, and awesome shampoos hahah! I loved it! I had the best hosts eeeveeer! And my friends dad cooked this awesome breakfast for us made with broken wheat, scrambled eggs and bacon...mmmmmm.
They call it "Allah". pretty interesting!

These photographs are somewhat mixed up since I took soooo many while in Arizona, but
our first big stop was the morning we went to The Grand Canyon, Skywalk! we got passes which included the 3-4 different stops, a meal ticket, and the skywalk admission! We got eat ribs, corn bread, mashed potatoes, veggies, and icy cold drink(much needed thank the heavens, it was HOT out...!!) and the sweetest softest chocolate chip cookie i've had to this day. I got to
1. shot a gun!!!!! In a drawing match
( with a bullet proof shield between us of course) and I won!
2. Lasso a bull!! On the second try!
3. play a game of horseshoe(eh. i did aight' )
4. shoot some arrows and hit  bulls eye on the first try!!!!
(I took archery in high school so apparently I've got skills!)

It was all just GRAND! literally! haha! The grand canyon is someting everyone should experience at least once in their life because it really takes your breath away, like nothing youve ever felt. For your tiny peepin eyes to see something to massive and majestic, you cant even comprehend how such beauty is possible. Your mind cant even register the massive intensity of the canyons. Its literally mind blowing. For real.

Photographs dont do it ANY justice. none whatsoever.

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