Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life post

Well my dearies, its been a while since my last post.
Alot has happened, just the usual, good stuff and the typical badish stuff.
I feel like, more and more, I am able to take one giant step back and take a good look at 
the things I manage to deal with on a daily, life can be massively complicated
but one thing i've learned is I like to keep it pretty simple in my book.

Its a yes or a no, a black or a white,
A sure or not sure. Simple simple see!
I totally think life is super short, too short to be anything but the above 
and i mean that about all things in general!!

You've gotta say what you want to say and make it mean everything,
Do what you want to do(in everyones best interest of course)
and not be afraid of risks, not be fearful of the maybes, ifs and or buts.

Sundays revelation: Love is a risk, but the greatest risk is to withdraw from it.
Lately I am definitely in love with so many things!!!!

Church was awesome today, I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful church to call home,
I had THE BEST breakfast date, strawberry banana french toast, scrambled eggies, sausage, hash browns and OJ. 
MMMMMMMMMMMM. food coma to the max.

I then went out on a photo adventure in Silverlake Ca. and it was glorious.
Im loving silverlake for all the man buns I see walking around, 
hipsters unite in this city and it is righteous. 

Wild little thing, we got looks everywhere we went, no exaggeration, 
and the craziest thing is im sure its linked to wearing black on black on black.
witchy vibes.

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