Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cabazon Dinos!!

So today was the sweetest.
What is sweet? 
Sweet is a surprise visit from your surprise valentine.
Walking out your front door and seeing a super cute chocolate scented teddy bear,
(the softest thing ive ever owned!!),
It being held by a super charming guy.
Sweet is the moment that matters and this moment was 

These were the cabazon dinosaurs, my third trip here! This time tho,
we got to explore the dino junkyard which was sooooooooo coooooool!!!!!!
AND then might i add, as we climbed into mr T-rexs mouth, which was only
possible by going up a snail style staircase, 
I DROPPED MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my baby= my camera.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! my poor camera is scarred for life,
battle wounds. battle wounds. Well....i guess now i'll have a permanent 
memory of our trip to the Cabazon Dinosaurs!!!!!
It was a super fun trip tho, for real now.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Needless to say, lets take a roadtrip

We need some adventure in our lives, some fun, some random acts of free flowing emotion...
A day like this was much needed and long awaited for!
I cant remember the last time I was on a long looooong roadtrip where 
conversations where had nonstop.
This day was super awesome, all that wouldve made it even better was 
some honey bobas. But even then,( hand emoji right here)
it was flickin awesome!!!!!!


too many photos to post in one post!!! more to come

Sunday, February 1, 2015

San Pedro Instameet part 1!

Well i was stoked to be a part of the San Pedro Instameet,
first because well its the second meet i attend and secondly well because
(and undiscovered places are always my favorite of course)

I'd been told that San Pedro was pretty stellar for its epic seafoods, and yessss indeedy.
Although we got to the meet about an hour and some minutes late, 
we still got to meet n greet a few of the igers. Then ventured off to explore the lighthouse and some random majestic oak tree. Which might i add was SPECTACULAR. 
Such a huge tree. The type you'd want to climb for hours as a kid.  
After some nature appreciation time we hopped on over to the seafood eatery shacks 
right by the ocean. Lemme tell ya, those were some pretty legit straight up from the
ocean, freshly fished, sea creatures. 

OH MY GOODNESSS seriously. The food looked phenomenal and super crazy too.
Imagine a pot load of shrimps/ etc dumped on a tray. Literally the type of tray that holds your dish, cafeteria status. Except no dish, the tray is your dish. And freshly caught fish, pick your fave and watch it get cooked right in front of your eyes, then slapped on a tray for your skinny fingers to pick through. mmmmm.

ok ok. i resorted to eating some deep fried fish, shrimp, frenchie fries, rice, and coleslaw. hahahah totally random dish. The COMBO meal. (says it all hahah!)
Overall the day was jam packed i'd say. Super good day.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Okay, so basically i met some super awesome people at this meet,
made some new friends, talked about traveling and made some plans for
next weeks adventures!!!!!!!
this was my very first meet and I was totally taken by this social meet. 
It reminded me alot of a youth group where everyone is totally approachable, friendly, talkative, nice to the max, and interesting for sure!
I never knew so many  neat people lived to close to me.......

Excited for future meets to come.....okay goodnight now before my friend the brain gives out.


Sunday, January 18, 2015


OKAY. winter is still here but I feel like summer has entered the building.
I attended my very first Instameet and learned many things about the politics of Instagram.
(Ive always been the observant one)
I have so much fun, stepping back and taking it all in. Observing people, their actions,
attempts, fears, wants. Its pretty awesome, you should try it sometime.

I feel I'm becoming such an old man. 
Why do I enjoy Clamato juice and where did I leave my car keys?

Im moving on up. This years challenge will be to photograph strangers faces. ok what i mean is, to take portraits of strangers. Imagine that. To photograph every new person you ever encounter(all permission given of course) you would literally have record of every new person you've ever met. This sounds brilliant to me.

Some things are becoming cliche on IG but I enjoy noting these things, I always find these experiences to be a type of social experiment.  I don't think that makes much sense and It would be a bit complicated to explain and right now this is turning into a run-on sentence 
and i'm also tired and sleepy, but not to mention I had an ACAI bowl for dinner and the newest ingredients i've added are peanut butter on top my bananas. Just a dollop though. just a dollop. 

Grammar? What are rules anyway.

Monday, January 12, 2015


I remember as a little kid I loved to watch the tv show DINOSAURS, 
and I was seriously captivated at how Robbie Sinclair thought the earth was flat and
if he walked far out enough, he'd fall right off the edge. 
Serious stuff for a young brain to take in.

I wake up daily now only to turn on the news instead.
And I know I know, i get tired at hearing people say,
"oh I refuse to watch the news. Theres nothing but negativity being spoken of every day!"

Um news flash. Thats the world we live in. Evade it all you want, 
its real, its happening, and its out there buddy.
Best thing to do in my opinion is to somewhat keep yourself updated on these world events.
I mean watching a movie with explicit content is no different, well actually its alot different.
Alot worse. But you still choose to see that instead of the news. 
Smart one buddy. smart one.

It might be that i'm getting old but things are changing dramatically in all ways
as I mature. I enjoy coffee more than ever,
I love bike rides down joggers paths,
Photographs on a daily to document it all,
Fashion sense is changing every minute,
Lorde music is whats up,
Concerts...not so much (there are exceptions),
hair goals are ever changing but length is definitely growing,
Avocado on everything,
Berries berries and freshly squeezed juice please.
And last but not least on my mind,
ACAI bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
OH and there is a world going on beyond our problems. 
The day I realized that was the day I grew up.
I've grown up.

Never thought i'd feel this sophisticated.

Thursday, January 8, 2015



SHIA LABEOUF.......eye candy to the max.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015



um, just got word that MEWITHOUTYOU has scheduled a 2015 tour,
with DR. DOG

yes. my heart it races.
Beats so hard, they protrude through my chest.

Ive been MIA, biking on my new Bianchi and having tons of juice dates at Robeks,
life is love, acai bowls, and fitness to the max right now.
All that moving was a workout on its own but im all settled in and it feels great,
things have fallen in place at the right time, with this new year in the works,
I feel so independent, so WILD AND FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

PORTLAND OREGON= i'll see your sweet face soon.

Blog.......i'll be doing alot of MIA, but its all right, life is happening and i feel whole again
< 3

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hats and Hikes

Got to visit my mom n sis for christmas,
and then took a short trendy hiking trip with my other sister from JAPAN!!