Sunday, January 18, 2015


OKAY. winter is still here but I feel like summer has entered the building.
I attended my very first Instameet and learned many things about the politics of Instagram.
(Ive always been the observant one)
I have so much fun, stepping back and taking it all in. Observing people, their actions,
attempts, fears, wants. Its pretty awesome, you should try it sometime.

I feel I'm becoming such an old man. 
Why do I enjoy Clamato juice and where did I leave my car keys?

Im moving on up. This years challenge will be to photograph strangers faces. ok what i mean is, to take portraits of strangers. Imagine that. To photograph every new person you ever encounter(all permission given of course) you would literally have record of every new person you've ever met. This sounds brilliant to me.

Some things are becoming cliche on IG but I enjoy noting these things, I always find these experiences to be a type of social experiment.  I don't think that makes much sense and It would be a bit complicated to explain and right now this is turning into a run-on sentence 
and i'm also tired and sleepy, but not to mention I had an ACAI bowl for dinner and the newest ingredients i've added are peanut butter on top my bananas. Just a dollop though. just a dollop. 

Grammar? What are rules anyway.

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