Monday, January 12, 2015


I remember as a little kid I loved to watch the tv show DINOSAURS, 
and I was seriously captivated at how Robbie Sinclair thought the earth was flat and
if he walked far out enough, he'd fall right off the edge. 
Serious stuff for a young brain to take in.

I wake up daily now only to turn on the news instead.
And I know I know, i get tired at hearing people say,
"oh I refuse to watch the news. Theres nothing but negativity being spoken of every day!"

Um news flash. Thats the world we live in. Evade it all you want, 
its real, its happening, and its out there buddy.
Best thing to do in my opinion is to somewhat keep yourself updated on these world events.
I mean watching a movie with explicit content is no different, well actually its alot different.
Alot worse. But you still choose to see that instead of the news. 
Smart one buddy. smart one.

It might be that i'm getting old but things are changing dramatically in all ways
as I mature. I enjoy coffee more than ever,
I love bike rides down joggers paths,
Photographs on a daily to document it all,
Fashion sense is changing every minute,
Lorde music is whats up,
Concerts...not so much (there are exceptions),
hair goals are ever changing but length is definitely growing,
Avocado on everything,
Berries berries and freshly squeezed juice please.
And last but not least on my mind,
ACAI bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
OH and there is a world going on beyond our problems. 
The day I realized that was the day I grew up.
I've grown up.

Never thought i'd feel this sophisticated.

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