Sunday, January 4, 2015



um, just got word that MEWITHOUTYOU has scheduled a 2015 tour,
with DR. DOG

yes. my heart it races.
Beats so hard, they protrude through my chest.

Ive been MIA, biking on my new Bianchi and having tons of juice dates at Robeks,
life is love, acai bowls, and fitness to the max right now.
All that moving was a workout on its own but im all settled in and it feels great,
things have fallen in place at the right time, with this new year in the works,
I feel so independent, so WILD AND FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

PORTLAND OREGON= i'll see your sweet face soon.

Blog.......i'll be doing alot of MIA, but its all right, life is happening and i feel whole again
< 3

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