About Me

I''m a fairly simple, quite content with my life, human being.
 I love Excursions and encounters with new experiences.
Fear is a crippling monster. I try not to submit as I press on forward.
 In this life I suggest you move like you want to. 
Ultimately life can be like a farm where we the people are the herd,
we come in all shapes and sizes. All beautiful in our own way.
All trying to do the same thing, survive. And indeed
 it can be a jungle out there in this cold cold world.

The Looks:
This blog is dedicated to my daily looks. I showcase what I wear because
I just like you, have to wear something every morning as I wake. Why not document
it all and hopefully even be of inspiration to some of you bloggers. Looks are never overrated
as we all seek to posses some kind of decent appearance to present ourselves to this world. Whether
you're trying to go with the flow or fight the current, appearances prevail. We are not feral people.
(at least i'm not.)